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Welcome to This is the right place to obtain insurance quotes from multiple insurance companies. With our large network of providers and access to other big name insurance companies you are assured to receive  a quality insurance quote, and not just one, you get at least 6 insurance quotes you can compare instantly. These quotes are all free and secure. We offer free quotes for the following types of insurance:



At Purchase-Insurance we provide a simple three step process to obtain free insurance quotes.

Step 1: Fill out a simple form. For example, if looking for auto insurance quotes we ask for the vehicle make, model, year, primary car use, and typical daily and annual mileage. This information is necessary to provide accurate and useful auto insurance quotes.

Step 2: Compare options and consider an insurance provider. There is no obligation to use any of the quotes provided. Compare the quotes to fit the individual need. Because the cheapest price is not necessarily best, consideration of personal needs is important to choose the right insurance provider. If desired, an agent is just a click or phone call away to help clarify any questions.

Step 3: Choose an insurance company and save money. It may be you have had the same insurance provider for a long time. Insurance companies are competitive and want your business. A new insurance provider often offers a discount to gain your business.

Other Methods to Find and Buy Cheap Auto, Home, Health and Life Insurance

Besides shopping around with us there are other ways to save money with insurance. To reduce car insurance costs it is helpful to keep a clean driving record. It is also good to be a defensive driver and avoid accidents. A history of few or no insurance claims also helps. A clean record for five years can reduce premiums by up to 75% in some cases.

Security can play a role in home insurance rates. Having a security system in your home will reduce the yearly premium. The location of the home in a safe neighborhood also helps to lower home insurance costs. Another way to reduce home insurance is to have high quality shingles on the roof. Impact resistant shingles, or tile shingles, will reduce rates because these shingles are usually not damaged as badly by hail.

A final thought on insurance is to avoid sacrificing quality for cheap costs. Sometimes a cheap price can compromise quality. Before committing to an insurance company make sure they are a strong company that can provide good value at a low insurance cost.